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Gate Company

Gate Company

There is still one great and professional gate company in Van Nuys that is dedicated to providing you with the very best in gate repair, gate installation, gate remote, gate opener services, and many more. We are the one and only gate company specialists that work hard

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Electric Gate

Electric Gate

Electric Gate systems are great to have in any residential or commercial location. They add security above all, but also a very nice curb appeal for most people. You can never quite underestimate the power that a gate system can have over the way people view your home.

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Custom Made Gates

Custom Made Gates

There is a custom-made gates Van Nuys company on which you can count at any time to be there for you quickly and get its job done in a most correct way. Whether the space you are concerned with is a commercial or a residential one,

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Well-equipped contractor for 24/7 residential/commercial services!

Find answers to most frequently asked questions on gate repair and door maintenance here.

What are the risks of having electric gates?

Installing electric gates is not really risky. According to experts of Gate Repair Van Nuys, electric gates become risky only when there is poor earth grounding. In most electrical devices earth grounding should be done properly and with utmost care. There should be enough grounding rods that are properly installed to prevent any danger. Improper earth grounding can cause great danger especially to children as electric shock is possible once grounding system fails.

What are the factors to consider in choosing a gate?

Gates are structures that are installed in fences to serve as openings. When choosing a gate, consider the size of the fence it will be attached to. Experts from Gate Repair Van Nuys say that the type of gate you will choose should depend on the functions it will serve you. The design and material of the gate you choose should also be in sync with the purpose it will serve.

What do I do when I encounter problems with my automatic gate?

Automatic gates at times get defective. When minor causes of problems need to be addressed there are simple steps that you can do to fix any defects. Experts from Gate Repair Van Nuys suggest you check first on the connections. See if wirings are still in place and switches are working well. Check also on power supply and controls used. Check further on the batteries of controls.

How often should gate safety systems be tested?

Installing a safety system does not mean that everything is safe and works fine. Ideally a gate safety system should be tested every day, especially in large residential complexes and commercial properties. It is also advisable to keep a daily log of checks done.

What is the range of the gate remote?

Most remotes have a range between 65 and 250 feet, according to our experts in gate repair Van Nuys. Since they use a radio wave frequency, the signal may be blocked by some objects such as stone walls. The weather conditions and the condition of the batteries may also affect the range of the gate clicker.

What type of safety devices and accessories work well with an automatic gate?

There are lots, actually. Our gate specialists suggest that you check on the available tools and devices that can help beef up the function and security of your gate system. That way, you will be able to choose what suits your home best.

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