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Gate Company

Gate Company

There is still one great and professional gate company in Van Nuys that is dedicated to providing you with the very best in gate repair, gate installation, gate remote, gate opener services, and many more. We are the one and only gate company specialists that work hard

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Electric Gate

Electric Gate

Electric Gate systems are great to have in any residential or commercial location. They add security above all, but also a very nice curb appeal for most people. You can never quite underestimate the power that a gate system can have over the way people view your home.

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Custom Made Gates

Custom Made Gates

There is a custom-made gates Van Nuys company on which you can count at any time to be there for you quickly and get its job done in a most correct way. Whether the space you are concerned with is a commercial or a residential one,

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Experienced technicians for 24 hour gate services!

This page highlights effective tips on how to repair and maintain your gate at home, the gate remote and related issues. Learn which materials are best and why certain problems are common to everyone!

Fix damaged gate remotes

When the gate clicker doesn't work efficiently, you may be locked out of your property and your safety will surely be compromised. For this reason, it is important to clean its inner circuit and check its effectiveness often and naturally you will need to replace it immediately in case it's lost or broken. Maintenance is really important, especially if you have a multicode remote for operating other openers, too.

Why your gate is not aligned properly

Swing gate adjustment is important and the tracks of sliding gates must be cleaned and checked for distortions often. Dents can put the gate off tracks but fierce winds would also affect swing gates. In these cases, your property in Van Nuys will be at stake and that's why gate repair is necessary. You must also make sure the sliding gate rollers are lubricated.

Learn which materials to use for your gate

Our gate experts suggest that steel and wrought iron are the best materials you can use for your gate. These materials are ideal for building a gate for security reasons, though of course, it is also worth considering the design of the gate itself. As for the gate posts, there are actually a lot of different materials you can use. Natural stone is considered by a lot of handymen in Van Nuys to be the best material for gate posts, but stucco and wood are also good.

Gate issues

If your swing gate operator does not open the gate then first check if there is any problem with the power supply. It is likely that the gate is stuck in the closing bracket and you may need to use mechanical force to lift the gate. If you suspect any mechanical or calibration problems then it is best to get it checked by one of our gate repair specialists in Van Nuys. Likewise problems with exposed wires and safety beams should also be checked by a professional.

Install the control panel away from the gate

Do you know how easily you can get trapped in the gate when you reach through it to press the opener control buttons? People have died from such attempts since they were entrapped and so it's important to install these systems ten feet farther.

Gates for a sloping drive way

Did you know that swing gates may be difficult to control because of gravity’s pull and can cause serious harm and injury for those who are in the way? Sliding gate is preferred for a sloping driveway because it doesn’t require strong force from the opener device to open and close the gate automatically.

Gravity can help close your gate

Create your own automatic gate by using a spring or bar for closing. For larger gates, position the hinges slightly out of line and gravity will cause the gate to slowly close on its own.

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